Ushafa Pottery Centre, Abuja, Nigeria on TVC News


Trends in Nigerian ceramics market

“Nigeria ranks 13th among the world consumers of ceramic products” according to Business Day.  Read more here:


African Pottery – Forming and Firing

Film by Christopher Roy

Published on Apr 13, 2013

This video demonstrates the five major techniques used by potters in Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Nigeria. The techniques include concave mold, convex mold, coiling, direct pull, and hammer and anvil. You can see Bwa, Jelly, and Mossi potters in Burkina Faso, the Ashanti potters in Kumasi Ghana, and Igbo and Yoruba potters in Nigeria. In addition there are two detailed videos of pottery firing.

A Saga of Synchronicity. Ron du Bois.

A Saga of Synchronicity

Making a Film Documentary on African Ceramics
by Ron du Bois, Professor Emeritus of Art, Oklahoma State University (originally published on Ceramics Today)

Shango ritual vessels and lidded forms. Earthenware. Ita Yemoo Museum of Yoruba Pottery, Ile Ife, Nigeria. Photo by Ron du Bois, 1988.

Images, article and short-film documentary on women potters from Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.



Abule Soro at Untold Gold: AACDD, London.

Abule Soro is proud to exhibit for the second year running, at the African & African Caribbean Design Diaspora (AACDD) festival in London.

The 2012 AACDD Bargehouse Festival

Since its debut in September 2010 as partner of the London Design  Festival, the three year African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora programme organised by the  London-based British European Design Group has brought  together and exhibited more artists and designers of African and African-Caribbean origin from more countries and more creative disciplines than any other previous single initiative of this kind.

The title of this year’s AACDD Bargehouse Festival Untold Gold places the outstandingly beautiful and original work of more than 150 artists and designers from the UK, Europe, Africa and  the Caribbean within the unique backdrop and raw space of Bargehouse,  London.

All five floors of the listed Bargehouse building, opposite the  Oxo Tower on the Southbank – the capital’s new hub for exciting  multicultural and multinational art and performance activities – will be devoted to showcasing exceptional works from creatives of African and  African-Caribbean descent.

Disciplines represented will include fine art, sculpture, design, graphic design, photography, multimedia and music, architecture,  furniture, lighting, textiles, home furnishings, ceramics, fashion and  fashion accessories, jewellery and beauty, as well as live music and  other performances.

In addition, a simultaneous virtual exhibition will showcase the work of artists and designers whose pieces  cannot easily be transported from their countries of origin.

The 2012 AACDD Bargehouse Festival ‘Untold Gold’ will also  include the special feature exhibition ‘A life apart?‘ showing the  similarities of tools and objects of daily use in traditional societies  in rural Africa and the Western World in the past.

The superbly crafted artefacts of daily use by traditional African artisans pay homage to their magnificent manual skills and indigenous creativity, which have yet to be recognised as important cultural heritage by the Western world.

The AACDD project will create its own legacy, by highlighting the talents of new and emerging artists and designers, many of whom have  not had the opportunity to showcase their works before.

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Traditional Forms II: Abule Soro exhibited in Lagos.

Abule Soro exhibits in Lagos

We are very pleased to announce the inclusion of ceramics from Ishan-Ekiti and Ilafon-Ekiti in a new exhibition at Quintessence Gallery, Lagos entitled Traditional Forms II.
Selected pieces from the famed lady potters of the region will be on display and available for purchase in the exhibition.
The exhibition opens on Saturday 26th November at Quintessence Gallery, Falomo Shopping Centre, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi and runs for three weeks. It will be open to visitors Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm and Saturdays 10am to 6pm.

Further contact details can be found at www.quintessenceltd.com


Isan-Ekiti in Yoruba Pottery

Isan-Ekiti pottery have long been prized throughout South-Western Nigeria; until well after the mid-20th century, Ekiti women would walk up to five days to take them to distant markets. In the 1960s, the art form received wider recognition when the late German scholar Ulli Beier staged an exhibition in the University of Ibadan. Continuity and Change in Yoruba Pottery details how Isan-Ekiti ware fits into the history of Yoruba pottery styles.

AACDD exhibition: London